Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vegas Travels

We hit the road this weekend taking our beats and rhymes out of the state lines to Las Vegas! We got the invite to do our thing @ the Living Without Borders Conference, hosted by the U.C.I.R of UNLV.

The jam was held at a really funky venue right across from campus called Yayo Tacos. An eclectic crowd gathered to see some dope dj's, spoken word artists, emcees, and yours truly. It was inspiring to see that the majority of the bill was headed by womyn of color. NICE! The function was a major success! Also, the following day, Liaizon and a comrade from Phoenix conducted a workshop at the conference breaking down the issues affecting Arizona. They gave light to the current struggles migrant/indigenous peoples are facing and how cultures of resistance have started to emerge to combat the current wave of hate that exits in the state. WORD! Shout out to all the organizers and performers of the conference! Til next year's... -peace.

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