Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Album Has Landed

Well, our album has finally dropped!!! Give it a listen and then purchase it! Go support your local record stores by copping the album at either STINKWEEDS RECORDS or REVOLVER RECORDS! Also, yall have the option of doin' the digital thang by buying online at either BANDCAMP or REVERBNATION. YEEAH!! The album features yours truly, MC Liaizon and MC/Producer Bronze Candidate with dope cutz from Phoenix heavy weights... DJ Darrell D, DJ Melo, Djentrification, and Djay Clene. Also, showing some regional love, Tuscon's own   DJ Alias and MC Cozmo Brown exhibiting what they do best. We also have a lovely appearance from Amber Dirks lead singer of the group KopaTechnic. Be on the look out for our cd release party. You wont want to miss out. Support Hip-Hop. Support the Shining Soul Crew!! Get your hands on our Music!

1 comment :

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