Straight outta the desert borough, Arizona's premier Hip Hop duo Shining Soul, show that the element of rap still is a conduit for revolutionary change. Fronted by MCs Liaizon of Central Phoenix/Tohono O'odham Nation and Bronze Candidate of South Phoenix, Shining Soul's been steady rising since independently releasing their first full-length project “WE GOT THIS” which dropped in 2011. Featuring the song “Papers” which was hailed by Phoenix New Times as one of the best songs to put racial profiling Senate Bill 1070 and the whole police state mentality that reigns in Arizona on blast, Shining Soul’s diversity in flavor and subject matter has gained the respect and approval from Hip-Hop admirers and the Human Rights Community alike. Through their vintage beat production and empowering rhyme delivery, Shining Soul brings to light the social injustices that attack their daily lives, such as the criminalization and militarization of indigenous and immigrant communities, while sharing and maintaining the essence of Hip-Hop culture.

Shining Soul's emphasis on skills, style, and substance, has made them a potent force in the Arizona Hip-Hop community, which is fully exhibited in their explosive live shows. The duo’s versatility in message, and commitment to quality live performances has made them a natural fit when sharing the stage with the likes of Phife Dawg, Pharoahe Monch, Rhyme Fest, Immortal Technique, Invincible, Oddisee, One.Be.Lo, Aceaylone, Myka 9, Lucky.I.Am, Rebel Diaz, Mala Rodriguez, Quese IMC and even rock/punk bands Blackfire and Outernational, to name a few.

Shining Soul's latest release "SONIC SMASH" exemplifies their skills, diversity, subject matter, and overall comment in carrying on the transformative art of Hip Hop through the element of rap. “Sonic Smash” is unafraid to challenge the mainstream mentality, while paying respect and drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop's early days, when beats and rhymes took priority. SONIC SMASH promises to be their best musical effort yet. So stay tuned, keep your ears low to the ground, and check for SHINING SOUL in a big city, small town, native reservation, and protest near you...WE GOT THIS.